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Mechanical watches from the Swiss Jura

Philosophy of the Company

The two key words of our business philosophy are honesty and creativeness.
As an old slogan of the twenties stated it, Auguste Reymond proposes watches that are "sÚrieuses et avantageuses".  This honest attidude towards the product and its price still is our priority. In our world where values become more and more virtual, more and more speculative, our firm - although may be a bit obsolete - belief is that we have to continue to create absolutely real watches and to offer them to prices that correspond to their reality.
Creativeness is the other motivation of our activity. Watch-making is a twofold art, permanently oscillating between technical and aesthetic standards. A watch must be an instrument with functionality and, at the same time, a piece of jewelry with an emotional value. The task of the watch designer is to reach the balance that will allow the watch to be both beautiful and useful. As we have tried to suggest it by using references to jazz music, this constant search of balance requires a solid technique as well as the capacity of being open to all kinds of artistic inspirations.
This is why you will discover many different variations of the "watch theme" throughout this sites: from the minimal design of the "Chrono Blues" or the postmodern interpretations of lines like "Charleston" or "Jazz Age". Maybe you too will find within the collection of Auguste Reymond the watch that will inspire you some moments of happiness and that will help you, by its discreet ticking, live in better harmony with authentic time.

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"Jazz Age"