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Mechanical watches from the Swiss Jura

Why use mechanical movements ?

Among the many arguments that plead for the use of mechanical movements, which range from purely emotional considerations to medical recommendations, we would like a stress the one that comcerns environmental issues.
A mechanical watch is not operated by a battery. So there is no battery to throw away. The only energy your mechanical watch needs is the one that you transmit to it by winding-up its crown or, for the automatic styles, just by wearing it.
A mechanical watch is by no means a throw-away item. It will last a lifetime and your children or grand-children will be able to have it repaired in fifty or even a hundred years. Whereas a quartz watch will be dead by the time its electronic components will no longer be available, which is already the case today for certain quartz movements that have been produced no longer than twenty years ago.


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UNITAS cal. 6580 (from the sixtie's)

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ETA cal. 2671
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VALJOUX cal. 7751 decorated
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                                            VALJOUX cal. 7750