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Mechanical watches from the Swiss Jura

Hand-made in Switzerland

The size of our company - a dozen of collaborators - and our ay of working - in our ateliers each watch is still assembled by hand - make us consider ourselves as artisans rather than industrial manufacturers.
This aspect also applies for most of suppliers. Even if high-tech plays a growing part in the production of watch parts, the eye and the hand remain the indispensable tools in the achievement of a watch of high quality. The know-how and the sure hand of the artisan become essential once the step of the last finish is reached, once each detail has to be worked on with infinite care. This is true for the polishing of the cases, the decoration of the movement bridges, the sewing of the leather strap, the cutting of the hands, without even mentioning the many vital operations in the process of assembling a mechanical movement, which are all made in hand.
Therefore each Auguste Reymond watch is a unique pice in its own, with its qualities and its imperfections. Because the perfect watch does not exist. But our satisfaction is to be able to say to ourselves that, for each watch that comes out of our workshop, we have given our best to come as close as possible to perfection and that the motto "tradition et qualité" that is printed on the back of our watches has been scrupulously respected.

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